Assisting the Aging,

One Family at a Time

Security, Stability & Comfort

Work with A Trusted Partner

Platinum Psychology Services is the premier provider of adult and senior mental health. With years of focused training and experience, knowledge and compassion are at the forefront of the service provided. From direct therapy, cognitive testing, family sessions, and trainings, Platinum Psychology Services provides the best wholistic psychological services available.

Compassionate Care at Home

Platinum Psychology Services understands the benefits of mental health services. We also understand it is not always convenient to go to an office. Telehealth is appropriate and utilized by more and more people, but some people only feel comfortable with face to face sessions. Platinum Psychology Services offers three setting to fit your needs: traditional office based, telehealth, and on location services with our “Beyond the Office” membership.

Care You Can Depend on

Platinum Psychology Services stands ready to offer the most appropriate care and be a dependable member of your care team. We provide communication with your primary care physician or other members of your care team to offer a wholistic view to care.

Foundational Treatment For All Patients Includes:

*A holistic approach to your mental health and potential therapies and treatments. This means we think about the big picture with you and utilize the team approach to your mental health.

*A detailed summary of all sessions for you to provide to your health providers, care givers and support system as needed.

*A Customized approach to your specific needs which is developed by the Platinum Psychology team and YOU! The amount of visits and access needed for patient care, caregiver support and or training are all a part of this new and unique approach.