Who is Platinum Psychology Services?

When establishing Platinum Psychology Services I wanted to offer unique clinical treatment to individuals, families, and the community. This unique approach means everyone is working together to achieve the highest quality of life possible

Jason P. Morris, PsyD, BC-TMH, CDP
Clinical Psychologist / Owner of Platinum Psychology Services, Inc,

Thank you for taking the time to get to know Platinum Psychology Service. Our mission is to assist the aging, one family at a time. The best way to accomplish this goal is by helping in achieving the highest quality of life possible. By being present and understanding our clients’ cognitive, mental, and physical circumstances, we effectively diagnose and offer holistic treatment to assist and guide the individual, family, and treatment providers.

As a fast-growing neurocognitive and behavioral health practice focused on the geriatric population, we are committed to clinical excellence by:

  • Being dedicated to delivering high-quality neurocognitive and behavioral healthcare to all our seniors onsite.
  • Always working closely and communicating with multiple professional teams who provide care to the senior population, and we can offer leading-edge care to our clients.
  • Offering the latest digital, secure, and efficient communication through our EMR system and available staff.
  • Making our Licensed Therapists a critical part of our clinical team.

Platinum Psychology Services is a premier provider of adult and senior mental health. Our years of focused training and experience from a health psychology background and knowledge and compassion are at the forefront of the service provided.

We accept new referrals for clients who may need our services, such as clients suffering from depression, anxiety, or dementia. We accept most private and government insurance to meet senior’s needs. Platinum Psychology Services offers bimonthly sessions and quarterly testing services for those in long-term care facilities. Quarterly testing provides objective measures to providers to assist with medication management and mood and behavioral disturbances identification. Annual neurocognitive testing is also a part of our service for all clients.