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Dr. Jason Morris, PsyD, BC-TMH, CDP is a U.S. Navy veteran, licensed clinical psychologist, founder, and CEO of Platinum Psychology Services, Inc. Dr. Morris graduated from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology with health psychology and neuropsychology training. He completed an internship in a geriatric psychiatric hospital system.

Dr. Morris trained for several years in the geriatric psychiatric hospital. He worked directly with the medical team and garnered insight not afforded to many clinicians regarding the organic disease of neurocognitive decline and how using medications impacts the senior body. The insight has given him a better understanding of coordinating care when working with the senior population. Dr. Morris is passionate about passing on this unique knowledge to his team, which is foundational in training all Platinum Psychology Clinicians.

This unique training and perspective from a genuinely holistic view are available to all under the care of Platinum Psychology Services and actively utilized to achieve an increased quality of life.

Dr. Morris insists that all Platinum Psychology Services Care Team members treat all aspects of a person's surroundings. This means all team members actively seek care coordination with the family and providers. Our unique approach to senior mental health and potential therapies and treatments is a holistic view. This allows for patient treatment consistency, which is a crucial component that fosters healing.

Platinum Psychology Services provides multiple in-house mental health services in facilities or at our Warrenville Office.