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Assisting the aging, one family at a time!

What could our Holistic Approach to Senior Mental Health mean for your facility?

Platinum Psychology Services provides multiple customized on-site Senior Mental Health services for various facilities.  A holistic approach to mental health puts the patient, not their diagnosis or their symptoms, at the center of their treatment plan. By addressing their emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual needs, a holistic approach to mental health looks at the whole person.

Added value - Lower costs

We work on-site and handle all scheduling per facility policies and report all visits and outcomes through secured digital communications within 24 hours to the designated facility contact for reporting.  Reporting and record keeping are HIPAA-compliant and secured through our AdvancedMD platform network.

No additional staff responsibilities.  We work directly with designated facility staffers to help lessen the burden of a client's mental health and wellness.  Suppose a staff person feels a particular resident may be experiencing some depression, mental health changes due to personal losses, or even issues with newly prescribed medications. In that case, we are there to lessen their burden.  We can do this by being readily available for quick on-site professional evaluations.

All billing is independent of the facility, and there are no costs to the facility.  All new intakes are done only after we have answered all questions, gained agreement from the client or POA, and confirmed absolute consent through proper channels.  

Our Clinicians and Community Liaisons are dedicated to forming outstanding personal relationships with the clients and their caregivers and families.  This level of personal touch and relationship development allows us to have 2way communications with the entire health team, from the primary care physician to the POA's or pre-authorized family members.

No need to wait weeks for an appointment or arrange transportation and potential escort assistance outside the facility, which helps lower facility costs.

This service is not available or appropriate for ALL facilities.  At Platinum Psychology Services, we undergo an extensive screening process before committing our services and resources to a facility. The geriatric population is our #1 priority, and the standards require their quality of life to be the goal of everyone involved in their care.  We expect a facility to do extensive screening of us and have the same standards for our services as well. 

Call or email to find out what makes us so confident we are not a run-of-the-mill Senior Mental Health Team!   

Urgent on site Neurocognitive testing

Neurocognitive testing is available on-site for residents.  We come to the client where they live.  We offer a limited amount of appointments for facilities that need quick Neurocognitive Testing.  These special testing appointments are held by Dr. Jason Morris, PsyD, BC-TMH, CDP.

4 step process to request specialized neurocognitive testing for your resident:

1.  Initial screening through the Community Liaison is performed to determine urgency, need, eligibility, and any special costs per the timeline being requested for the total completion of testing.

2. Once approved, there is a required 1-hour initial session meeting with Dr. Jason Morris.  He will then determine the appropriate type of testing and the length of time needed to complete actual testing.

3.  The testing appointment is scheduled and held, usually within one week of the initial session being completed.

4.  A Final results review is scheduled with all authorized participants, including the individual if appropriate. A digital copy of the results is provided to all attendees to review and discuss during the review.

Benefits of being a team

If you are in charge of making sure your facility runs smoothly and offer all the necessary amenities to your residents, we are sure you can be overwhelmed at times.  Surrounding yourself with a team of like-minded individuals who are about your residents as much as you and their families do is paramount.

Direct Communication

By providing site visit notes within 72 hours of the visit your staff does not have to hunt for updated session notes.  The session updates or testing results are also shared with the individual's Primary Care Physician every three months and/or as needed to assure seamless mental health care.

Direct Billing

We accept most major insurances, and we are a designated Medicare Provider.  Our list continually grows.  Please reach out if you have any questions regarding insurance.  

Staff Support

Dr. Morris and the team are dedicated to being a resource not just for the residents but for your staff of caregivers as well.  When you have Platinum Psychology Services at the facility working with ten or more residents, we are able to develop and present personalized continuing training and education modules unique to your staff needs. 

No Additional Staff Duties

At Platinum Psychology Services, we take care of everything from scheduling times in the building to who we will be seeing and providing site visit notes within 72 hours of the visit.  These notes are also shared with the individual's Primary Care Physician every three months and/or as needed to assure seamless mental health care.

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